What is Amazon warehousing agent? What are the precautions?
Time: 2021-02-27

  What is Amazon warehousing agent? What are the precautions?Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world, with more than 300 million people active every day. It is widely trusted and supported by consumers in Europe and America. For Chinese sellers, entering Amazon can get a share, but if the sellers have no experience and limited budget, it is difficult to have a foothold in Amazon.

          In view of the budget problem of Amazon sellers, some freight forwarding companies in the market have launched warehousing and delivery business according to the needs of sellers, which can not only improve the operation and delivery efficiency of sellers, but also help sellers reduce capital investment and reduce capital pressure. In the big fire mode, the seller can transfer the inventory pressure to the freight forwarding company, providing warehousing services, as well as packaging, pasting, logistics and other logistics services. And the seller has more time and energy to focus on the market, marketing strategy, sales, which are directly related to the survival and profitability.

  What is Amazon warehousing?

          Amazon warehousing and distribution refers to a business model in which the freight forwarder directly delivers goods to the consumer through the supplier, and then the seller bears the goods sales and after-sales service. In short, it is to outsource the warehousing and logistics link to the freight forwarder directly, and take charge of the store operation, commodity sales, customer maintenance and other matters. Freight forwarders are responsible for the storage, management, delivery and logistics of goods, which is a low asset light operation mode.

  Specific advantages are as follows:

         1. Low cost shop

          In Amazon, all aspects of the need to spend money, including the pressure of goods, warehouses, office equipment, venues, manpower, material resources, etc., these are not a small sum of money. If the seller chooses Amazon warehouse agent to send the goods agent directly, it can greatly reduce the threshold of opening the store and reduce the seller's financial pressure.

          2. Improve operational efficiency

          The seller only needs to send the goods to the freight forwarding warehouse. The subsequent receiving, storage, management, unloading, operation and other links are all in the charge of the freight forwarding company. The operation link of our own is shortened, and the operation efficiency will be improved naturally. The improvement of operation efficiency will be beneficial to the improvement of operation output.

         3. Improve delivery efficiency

          Compared with the traditional delivery mode, Amazon warehousing delivery efficiency is higher. In the traditional way, the seller needs to pack and paste the goods, and then send them to the warehouse of the freight forwarding company. The freight forwarder will pack and then send them to the port for shipment or airport for transportation. And the warehousing agent, freight forwarder direct packaging for delivery, eliminating the intermediate link.

          4. Save time and energy

          With warehousing and distribution, Amazon sellers do not need to invest time and energy in warehousing and logistics, they can invest more time in the core operation of the store.

          5. Save manpower and material resources

          Warehousing agent can help sellers save unnecessary manpower and material resources, and reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

  Matters needing attention of Amazon warehousing

         1. Industry services are uneven

         At present, the service quality of Amazon's warehousing agent is uneven. We must pay attention to the service quality of the freight forwarder and whether the logistics service is consistent when we choose the freight forwarder.

         2. Cargo storage needs to be regulated

          When the goods are stored in the freight forwarding company, we must specially send a person to dock and supervise the goods to ensure the safe storage, accurate operation and smooth delivery of the goods.

         3. Product information will be leaked

          If the goods are stored in the freight forwarding company, the information of the goods will inevitably be leaked. If the goods are very confidential, we suggest that you do a good job in information protection or deliver the goods by yourself.