International express common knowledge popularization
Time: 2021-02-27

  International express is relative to domestic express. Domestic express, mainly in the domestic delivery of packages, from one city to another. The international express, mainly in the global delivery of packages, from one country to another, belongs to the package delivery between countries. There are many similarities between international express and domestic express, such as careful package delivery, need to pack and paste a single, will calculate the volume weight of the package, the actual weight.

But there are many differences between international express and domestic express, for example, international express involves import and export customs clearance, and international express will not. International express involves various surcharges, and domestic express delivery does not. International express goods are very limited, live goods are sensitive goods, domestic express live, liquid, paste and other goods can be sent. It can be seen that there are many similarities and differences between international express and domestic express.

International express common knowledge popularization

1. How to understand international express?

Express delivery, fast delivery. International express, international express service, international express can be simple to understand. Besides international express delivery, there are also some special terms such as international air transportation, international shipping, international railway transportation, China Europe card airlines, etc. if you are interested, you can also find out on the Internet.

2. What should be paid attention to when using international express?

There are many aspects to pay attention to when using international express delivery. After all, international express is quite different from domestic express delivery. It mainly needs to pay attention to the limitation of goods, customs clearance of goods, filling in the mailing address information, and the additional charge of international express delivery. In terms of the limitation of goods, international express has a relatively large limit on goods. Except for ordinary goods, other goods will be restricted. Only through some special channels can they be sent to foreign countries.

In terms of customs clearance of goods, customs declaration and tax payment are required. If the goods are not handled properly, the goods will be deducted by the customs. In terms of mailing address information, postal code information, address information, recipient information, etc. can not be filled in error. Any column filling in the error will lead to the goods can not be delivered. The charge of international express surcharge is relatively high, so it is necessary to avoid it when using international express.

3. What are the requirements of international express packaging?

International Express has a unified packaging standard, which requires that the goods must be firm, intact and light. In the process of transportation, the package can be prevented from breaking, leakage and loss of contents. Otherwise, the international express company will not be responsible for the package breakage and tear during transportation. In addition, the shape of the package should be suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, so as to facilitate the handling and loading and unloading.

4. Which countries can international express mail to?

Taking DHL, FedEx and UPS as examples, it can be sent to the world almost through more than 220 countries and regions around the world. Other regional international express companies, such as toll, Aramex, can only send mail to some countries in some regions, which need to be determined by specific international express companies.

5. How can international express charge?

As with domestic express delivery, international express will calculate the volume weight and actual weight of goods. The larger is compared with the actual weight and volume weight to be the billing weight of international express. Within 21kg, international express is charged according to the first weight and the continuous weight of 0.5kg, and if it is more than 21kg (some are more than 22kg), it shall be charged according to the standard of each kg, and if it is less than 1kg, it shall be charged according to 1kg. For example, items weighing 21.75kg will be charged at 22kg.

6. How to settle the customs clearance of international express?

International express delivery will involve customs clearance. How to solve the customs clearance? There are three solutions: one is to be solved by the recipient, which requires the recipient to pay the tariff. One is freight company agent solution, will charge service fee. One is to find the customs clearance bank to solve it, which is more expensive. Generally speaking, it is most convenient and cost-effective to choose freight company agent.