What kind of international express agent is worth choosing?
Time: 2021-02-27

  What kind of international express agent is more worthy of selection? International express agent can also be understood as an international express agent, which can not only provide various express delivery channels, but also provide professional logistics services, value-added services and other services. The most important thing is that the delivery agents can save costs by cheaper and discount in receiving goods.


At present, many cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade and export enterprises will deliver goods from express agents to save logistics costs and enjoy good logistics services. However, the development of express agent industry is extensive, lack of unified industry standards, service standards, large and small companies countless. If not targeted choice, it is easy to cooperate with an unreliable, unprofessional express agent.

And the express agent is not reliable, not professional, the mailing experience is bound to be poor, encounter unexpected problems will not be able to solve. Of course, unreliable and unprofessional express agents are just inconvenient to mail and have a bad experience. However, in case of bad forwarders, the seller will be cheated of goods and money. After the incident, there is no way to complain, and they can only be "dumb to eat Coptis". Therefore, in the choice of express agents, we suggest that you be careful and careful.

What kind of international express agent is worth choosing?

1. Rich channels

Express agents with rich channels can provide more choices and meet more express logistics needs. For example, we will not only use DHL express, but also EMS express, UPS express, and even dedicated lines. If the express agent only has DHL express channel, it obviously can not meet our logistics needs.

Generally speaking, the richer the express channels of express agents, the better. They can not only provide different express channels, but also provide other logistics channels to satisfy customers, such as China Post small package, foreign post small package, EMS express, special line logistics, FBA head and so on.

2. Rich experience

Experienced express agent is more worth choosing, because experience means knowing how to deal with it and how to best deal with it. Experienced express agent, can provide the best logistics transportation scheme. Experienced express agent can provide the best customs clearance solution. Experienced express agent, can provide special goods solutions. Experienced express agents can also provide emergency response solutions, so that customers can enjoy a good mailing experience.

3. Quite powerful

The strength of the express agent is very important, which many people will ignore and think that as long as it can help us deliver the package smoothly. However, if there is no hardware equipment, who will sort, process, package and transit? If there is no software equipment, how to place an online order? Online mail? Pick up? If there is not enough space, how to store materials? How to deal with goods? How to store goods? The strength of express agent is closely related to the service of express agent to some extent Yes.

4. Good reputation

Good reputation, can help you avoid a lot of holes. When cooperating with the express agent, we must choose the express agent with good reputation and less negative news to reduce the selection risk.

5. Reliable enterprise

Finally, it's reliable. Only reliable enterprises can provide reliable services. When choosing an express agent, we must understand the qualification of the express agent, whether the express agent means what he says, whether the charges of the express agent are reasonable, and whether it is open and transparent. Only by making sure that the express agent is reliable can we minimize the risk of mailing.