• Customer service clerk
    Job requirements:

    (1) Technical secondary school or above, proficient in computer operation;

    (2) Mild personality, patience, a certain computer foundation, strong service concept;

    (3) Good professional ethics, strong communication skills, strong sense of obedience and confidentiality;

    (4) Experience of customer service clerk in express company is preferred.

  • I t specialist
    Job requirements:

    (1) Male, 18-35 years old, major in communication, electronic engineering, computer and other related fields, more than 1 year of grid system and it system maintenance experience;

    (2) Familiar with all kinds of computer hardware and software, can independently install, debug and troubleshooting;

    (3) Proficient in LAN maintenance and network security knowledge, can skillfully build LAN and network equipment basic maintenance and troubleshooting;

    (4) Skillfully use windows, server20002003 to maintain and manage the server;

    (5) Strong initiative, patience and meticulous, sense of responsibility, team spirit.