North American market in cross border e-commerce home economy
Time: 2021-02-27

As a product that needs to be used in daily life, home appliances have a global market of over one trillion US dollars. The home furnishing industry has gradually become a high potential category due to its numerous subdivided product lines and global consumption upgrading in recent years.

This round table forum focuses on "looking at North America & nbsp; and talking about home & nbsp; Focusing on the current situation of the rapid development of the home furnishing industry under the background of home economy, this paper discusses how to optimize the business model and production model, how to enhance the core competitiveness by digital means, how to use Internet tools to build the home furnishing industry internet, and how to provide consumers with new consumption experience in the era of home economy.

The invited guests of this round table forum will give their insights from the upstream supply chain, circulation field and Internet platform. All of them will talk freely to discuss the development path of home industry housing economy in North America market, and provide the sustainable long-term sea going to sea and one-stop solutions for cross-border sellers.